Strength to the Weary — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you this is a very comforting verse we put my sister to rest Wednesday may 16 2018 .She would of had to t live on a life support for the rest of her days they was trying to get her off and everything was shutting down so.she was only breathing on the life support and this was the hardest decision I had ever make I was her conservator it apart God always comes to us like this verse to help us remember he is out again for your ministry

    • God bless you and give you comfort and peace, Lonie. God knows exactly what you are going through. I experienced this same thing 18 months ago, and often the enemy tries to beat me up with sorrow and guilt, but GOD is our refuge. Lean on Him. Your sister is now leaning on him in a whole other way!!!

    • Lonie, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. This must be a hard time for you, especially after you had to make such a difficult decision. God never meant for machines to carry on our lives for us. He was calling your sister home and the machine was keeping her from Him. Now she is with Him.

      I’m glad you can find encouragement in this passage of scripture. God is good.

  2. I am getting word for the day in King James Version. I’d love to be getting it in NIV version… can it be changed?

    • Hi Val. Thanks for following The Visual Bible Verse of the Day. I don’t use the King James Version. I use the New American Standard Version. And sorry I don’t have the resources to send it out in more than one version. Thanks you for your understanding.

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