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Spiritual seekers find peace in Gods Word, the Bible. Outdoor lovers find peace in nature, God’s creation. The Visual Bible Verse of the Day brings the two together to deliver a touch of peace to your email inbox. Those who subscribe will also be given a link to download my Pdf on encountering God.

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Finding Ultimate Peace

The Visual Bible Verse of the Day is a way for people to find peace and encouragement in their daily lives. But the peace we find in the day to is only temporary. The ultimate place to find peace is through. Jesus Christ. He gives an everlasting peace.

Both nature and the Bible point to God’s peace. The peace we see in nature draws us. It speaks to our hearts and tells us there is a place of peace. We sense this call in the chirping of birds, a flowing stream, a mountain meadow, a field of flowers, a beach sunrise or in a quiet forest. But there is something wrong in nature.

Even though it calls to us about peace, nature is not exactly a place of peace. Disease, pain, conflict, little biting bugs, suffering, killing and death exist in nature. Nature only gives us a window or a glimpse into peace. It tells us there is peace, but only teases us with the incomplete peace it offers.

The reason the call to nature resides in us is because God originally created us to live in the true peace of nature found in the Garden of Eden. A desire for Eden still lives in us. God placed that desire there to call us to Himself. In Him we find peace. And we find not just any peace, but an everlasting peace.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth to live among us. He shared the Good News of God’s grace, forgiveness and redemption.  And finally, He suffered greatly and gave His life up on a Roman cross as the perfect sacrifice for our sin (our wrong doings). He paid the price for our misdeeds so we would not have to. He died to make us whole.

When we confess our sins to Jesus in prayer, repent (turn away from our sin) and look to Him to wash away our sin, He forgives us. He makes our heart as white as snow and grants us eternal life. We find peace in Him.

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My God bless you through this website. May you receive daily peace and encouragement through each post and may you find peace.

Thank you and God bless! Be sure to get download the encountering God PDF.