Looking to Connect with God?Find God path through a fall forest at Fontenelle Forest, Nebraska

Are you looking for a deeper connection with God? Is too much of the stuff of life keeping you from God?

Sometimes we find it hard to get away from all that’s going on. It seems so much in life keeps us from finding a place to meet with God. Yet we know inside that even getting away for just a little while would be helpful.

At the Visual Bible Verse of the Day we provide a simply way for you to connect with God, and bring more peace and rest into your life. It’s nothing fancy, just God’s word, a short devotional and a peaceful photograph of God’s creation to help you walk with God in a restful place.

If you’d like to find a little bit of time away with God each day, fill out the form below to receive the Visual Bible Verse of the Day. It maybe just what you need to connect with God, and to get away from the rush and stress of life. 

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