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snow topped Longs Peak of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is the perfect mountain to represent Prayer Rock.

At 14,259 feet Longs Peak rises above all other mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. It stands as a fortress seen from almost anywhere in the park. The Mountain appears on this page to represent the power and strength that reside in our prayers

The Bible tells Christian believers to pray for one another. In the spirit of this discipline I wanted to establish a prayer center for those who follow The Visual Verse of the Day. God is our rock. We can come to Him with our requests as well as with our thanksgivings and praises. All you need to do is place a prayer requests, thanksgiving or praise in the comment section.

After placing a request be sure to pray for the two most recent requests that appear above yours in the comment section.

You can also contact the people at the Mustard Seed Initiative for prayer. They have great hearts for prayer. You can also visit and like their Facebook page.


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Prayer Rock — 177 Comments

  1. To get us started I’ll post the first requests.

    Pray for the Visual Verse ministry. We would liked to touch a million people a day by the end of next year. Pray God expands our borders and does the work in us and through us that He needs to do. Praise Him!

    • Thank you very lovely and real..please please help me Brian kelly Brezil get back together with my true love and her name is Cassandra Latimer she is the most beautifulest loving and caring lady I have ever met and I love her so close to my heart I have tried everything and she still wont talk to me please help I love her so much love..Happy new years.Thank you♥

      • Prayers for you and all above and below comments. Brian I know how you feel, I too am struggling in a relationship that’s a roller coaster, I’m deeply hurt and it’s so very painful to have someone play with your love and emotions. Please pray for me as well. I’m deeply hurt where as it has affected my life. Tears…,

        • Thank you for the prayers ? I also will be praying for you as well ? You know it took me 48 long years to fall in real love and I feel pain it is the hardest ghing ive ever delt with in my life. I cried for 15 months! PLEASE you and me with the lady’s we love please send out prayers whare millions of people praying for the lady’s we love to come back to you and me my friend please keep in touch with me brother

    • Praying for your wonderful ministry and all those who need Christ in there lives. Special request for a friend mourning the loss of her Dad.I am Thankful to the Father for answering my need for connection with him through this ministry while i jave to work many hours..

    • Praying for this ministry and for the people around the world especially for the families who have lost their sons and husbands in the military ( Middle East). Also my son-in-law Richard Martinez just lost his father this morning, so sending prayers his way. All prayers i pray in Jesus name Amen!!!!!

    • Needing prayer. Heart attack recently, going through some hard times physically and emotionally. Illness for a family member has gone on for almost 9 months now and is draining us financially. I am hurting and discouraged. Please pray for me. I am fighting these feelings and know I am not alone, but I feel a little overwhelmed at the moment. Thank you.

  2. Please pray for my nephew Jamie. He is in the hospital with cancer. The chemo they gave him was too powerful and he contracted Strep. He is slowing dying before our eyes. If they would just cut his leg off (bone cancer contained to his knee at the moment) it would all be over, but the doctors want to keep giving him the toxic chemo. Please pray for his salvation first and foremost, and then healing!

  3. i come to Praise God!! He just Amazes me daily!! I am in awe of our God!! He is so good!! And all he has created is just Beautiful! Your pictures show his mighty ,gentle hand , I photo birds and I’m amazed and Awed how perfect everyone is , and how different . And it’s not just birds! What a Gloriuos Creator, Perfect in all his ways . Yet. So very mighty,strong and Sovereign!!! King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! I Love God!!

  4. Healing for my son Mike Collazo, please lift him in prayer nor doing well after kidney transplant has had 6 operations . Kidney was infected pray also help 76 yrs old disabled need financial help. Thank you

  5. I need a job or I’m going to be homeless again and I’m not strong enough for that anymore. Please pray for me to find the job God has set for me. Thank you and God Bless.

    • Dear God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray Lord that you will bring down your righteous right hand and provide for Jessica you peace that is unexplainable and to comfort her heart in this time. Oh Lord, it is people like Jessica that I want to desperately to help.
      Please Lord touch both our lives in a way that only you can do.
      Be in peace Jessica, the Lord knows all your needs and mine. He created a plan for us before we were born, just trust in Him completely. And remember this..
      “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it”.
      God didn’t bring you into the world for you to worry.He brought you into it, to carry you through it. ♡♡♡

  6. … Lord, all praise and glory is Yours forever … thanksgiving and prayers for the fruitful endeavors of this website and Pasquale’s mission … please also hear the prayers of those in need here, gracious Almighty Father … may all in the world come to know You and our savior, Jesus, and accept Your gift of salvation … and may those already departed be at rest in the peace and promise of eternal life in your heavenly kingdom … we come before You in the name of Your son, Jesus, accepting Your will. Amen.

  7. Please join me in praying that God will soon lead me to a job that will be fulfilling and will adequately provide for my family’s needs. Thank you.

  8. please pray for the mentally ill left unattended and homeless. Health and happiness for my partner, children and grandchildren as well as my siblings. Pray for the lonely and abused. Pray for all God’s creatures great and small. Pray for worldwide peace.

  9. I have a desparate need for healing from diabetes and high b.p. for my brother and mother too , ceratin deliverances from fears that GOD Knows ,also that we get our salary on the 2nd of every month, allowances like transport allowance , child education allowance ,and rent at 22% of basic salary, along with reduced or nil tax on our allowances , supernatural cancellation of my personal , car and housing loans and that I get my Ph.d printed and submitted in record time.

  10. Hello,
    I’d like to ask for prayers for my very dear friend Mark who has never known God, and who seems to look to every other option and is determined not to accept his love, grace and power over his life. Please pray that Mark will see God at work in his life and be unable to deny him any longer. Also, please pray I will listen for Gods word and feel his guidance in this matter. Please also pray for my Dad who has been in a lot of pain since a spinal surgery a few years back and has never quite been the same. Pray for peace, understanding and healing for my Dad.
    Thank you and God bless.

  11. Please pray for my mother. She is 79 yr. old & has a hard time with just daily activities, I need your prayers to that the Lord will continue giving me the strength to help her & that I hold my nerves together, also, I have a special “unspoken” request, the Lord knows the situation, thanks & God bless

  12. Please pray for my son he is running from God he has been diagnosed with AIDS as of Christmas 2013, we almost lost him due to pneumonia associated with the virus. He was raised in church, However we are not perfect parents we have just been the best we knew how to be. He has a poor communication relationship with his father which we have lifted up as well in prayer. I know God is able and his healing is limitless in all aspects of life. My prayer is that god grabs his heart and the heart of his father and turns those men 360 degrees toward him. God is simple, we make things complicated BUT he is the restoration, healing, truth, way, and life. In Jesus name I lift up Barbara and Pascale’s requests and for the ministry and right now I bind pain, hindrance, nerves, and what we bind on earth will be bound in haven and whatsoever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven and right now I loose strength, peace, calmness, joy, blessings, and love to these requests. Father in heaven I thank you for meeting these individuals and those in the ministry right where their needs are and I praise you and give you the glory for you are Master, Savior, Healer, Redeemer and Lord in our lives you said ask, believe, and we shall receive abundantly above what we expect. Thank you for hearing and acting on our behalf we love you, Amen

  13. Please pray for my marriage, my son, Damian Brando Naidu for a job as sports coach & my audio visual installation company, Psalm Satellite.

    Thank you & God Bless

  14. Please pray for my health.I have COPD and AFIB.Also,please pray for all the christians in the the middle east that are being persecuted and murdered by isis and others.Please pray for Israel and its people and that the US and our leaders will stand with Israel.

  15. Unspoken please. My requests are too many to list, but I know that God knows my needs even better than I do, and I know that He is capable of fulfilling them all! I pray for Ricky Parsons for his health and any other problems that he has, and I also pray for the needs of the Naidu family, I pray, believing, that You, Lord, are a God of mercy and Love, a God of grace, who loves His children and knows how to give good gifts to them, and I thank you for that, Father! We are blessed, as Christians, in every moment and every circumstance in our lives, even when we can not see it! We know that you are good, and that you give with no sorrow attached, and I thank you for that also! Dear Father, You are worthy of all worship and praise, help us to praise and worship You even in the midst of our struggle and need! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

  16. Please help USA to return to her biblical roots! Keep all of us safe and remove the evil intended for Christians and Jews! Heal my family both extended and my own. Help restore my relationships that are broken. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!

  17. Need prayer for my wife and her leg pains, and general health. I need prayer that the doctor got all of the cancer in yesterday’s surgery and that it didn’t mestastasize to other places. Thank you.

  18. Hi there it’s me, I am also visiting this web page daily, this web site is really
    nice and the visitors are really sharing good thoughts.

  19. Please pray for my Children and I continued good health. Please pray for my Real estate business to thrive and I can sell many homes. Also please pray for our Puppy that he gets his liver healed and healthy.
    Thank You so very much

  20. Please pray for my husband .He has lung cancer. Its cutting of blood supply to his heart and is having difficulty breathing.The Doctors say he dont have much longer.We are praying for a miracle. We believe Jesus is coming back soon and hope we can just go together.My hope is My husband husband stays with me until that time.

  21. Pray for God to heal and protect my parents and I and also to provide for us, bless us with the presence of Jesus, and help us endure to the end so we’ll be saved.

  22. Please pray for the salvation of my kids and grandkids and for the restoration of my family. I desire a closer walk with Jesus.

  23. Please pray for my family’s salvation. Let they know that Jesus loves them and pray for me so Jesus would use me..and let me be ob fire in Jesus everyday. Thnk you

  24. Please pray for my friend and his family He just recently had a heart attack. and taday will have had a surgery to remove a clot in his heart. please pray that God sends His holy spirit in to his
    life their lives, and that they all turn to God. That through this hard times, they seek Him and that he gets healed and goes back home to his family. a New man thankyou

  25. Please pray for my mother, she is 79 yr old & has COPD & dementia. She has been having problems lately with her breathing, I know the Lord is the Great Physician & Healer & my trust is in Him. Also, pray for me as I continue to take care of mother that the Lord will give me the strength to keep going, I am having relationship problems as well, please pray that I will heed to the Lord’s direction & His will WILL be done, thanks & God bless

  26. Please pray for my young son who just entered high school that he puts a effort in doing the right thing and not be swayed off the path to evil doings

  27. Please pray for my husband; he needs to get saved and fully commit himself to the Lord; we are currently separated because of him always playing video games on the internet, and now God revealed to me that he was watching porn; he’s also a chain smoker and is into smoking “pot”; our marriage is in trouble; please pray that the Lord would reconcile, restore and save this marriage, if that is His will; I am born again and attend church regularly and do love the Lord with all my heart and am praying daily for my husband and our marriage. He was recently in the hospital in the ER as I heard that he fell off a ladder and hurt himself, so please keep him in prayer that he would commit himself fully to the Lord and that the Lord will, as I mentioned before, restore and reconcile this marriage as I know God hates divorce and I don’t want to get divorced, as I believe this is not what God wants. Also, please pray for me as I need healing for my knees, I have arthritis and my knees are hurting; I also have financial needs. Thank you so much. God bless. Barbara Grijalva

  28. I really enjoy the beautiful pictures with the verses from the Word! Lord, you know his needs, and you are Jehovah-Jireh, Our Provider, and you say in your word, that when we ask in faith believing, WE shall receive, especially when it is a prayer of agreement. If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which in Heaven! Matthew 18:19. I believe your ministry will continue to grow and prosper, and I believe you have the best job, at the best pay you have ever had, because I ask it in Jesus name! You notice I use present tense, not will have, already have, and Jesus we just thank you and praise you! Hallelujah! Psalm 83:18 That men may know that thou, whose name alone is Jehovah, are the most high over all the earth. No I’m not a Jehovah witness! I just exalt our God, with reverence and honor due to our most Holies of Holy God! And His son, Jesus!

    • Thanks so much, Shirley! I would add an amen to that. Your prayer strongly aligns with the desire of my heart and what my prayer has been, that God would touch many through this ministry and provide as Jehovah-Jireh for my family and I through my work in this ministry.

      Thanks again for your beautiful prayer!

  29. Please pray for my husband who suffers from chronic pain and borderline personality disorder. The man I married disappeared into his mental illness after only 2 years and I have been left with being a caretaker to a angry, narcissistic combative teenager in a 62 year old body who rails against boundaries and spends money indiscriminately to the point where I have had to take control over our finances and severely limit his access to funds. I’ve had to fight with the Veterans Administration to get him proper treatment and to defend myself against wild stories he tells them to lash out at me. I also humbly ask that you please pray for me and the strength to do what I need to do to keep both of us safe.
    Thank you.

  30. Please pray for my husband’s complete deliverance and obedience to God. He left us 15 months ago because he was having an affair with a woman with 6 kids, who also happens to have an ever growing criminal record. They are attending church together and living together. So many family members, church family and friends are in shock at this man who now has become a stranger. He is convinced that God has blessed him with this new family. My children and I are standing for complete restoration in Jesus name! The legal papers that are to be signed next week will be reconciliation papers in Jesus name! Please pray for all marriages who are in an urgent need of healing! AMEN!

  31. Please pray I’m delivered from lustful desires including homosexual thoughts… That the root of all this would be severed. I’ve been praying forever that God heals this part of me. Then I slip into sin on the net. I want freedom. God bless y’all and your ministry in Jesus name. Pray for my son’s mom that she turns back to Christ. I wish to have restoration of family. And pray God has MERCY on me, also for my nephew with stage 4 cancer. Thank you!

    • Jon, I prayed for your requests during my morning prayer time. May God reach in and touch your life. Grow close to Him as you work through these things. May He remove your addiction from you that your life will be transformed. May your son’s mom come back to God.

    • Jon, I have said a prayer for you and asked Heavenly Father to keep you and your family and their needs in His hands. I pray that Jesus stands right beside you, and guides you in all you do. I ask that the Holy Spirit’s promptings can be heard in your heart and head and can steer you in the proper direction. I pray that you find peace.

  32. Please pray for strength, courage, wisdom, and perseverance to my family…..to our church also and to someone that I care that someday she and her family will join us in going to church every Sundays… I hope God will use me as an instrument not only to her, not only to her family….but also to others who haven’t seen the Light and the Salvation yet….

    • Aldine, I pray to Heavenly Father that you find those things you and your family need in order to always have His presence with you. I pray that your friend’s family realizes the need to go to church each week, to be renewed, and will continue throughout the week to have that feeling they will get from being with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit in their house. You have realized that you need to be an instrument to others and that is a big step in the right direction.

  33. Heavenly Father, please walk with my daughter and her friend as they travel to South America for the next four weeks. Keep them safe and strong and healthy and get them back home to their families. God is already working to ease my mind, because as I was typing this, my daughter texted me on her layover flight in Lima, Peru, that all is well so far! Thank you, Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit! Love from a worried mom.

  34. This week my laptop was stolen from me. Please if you could pray for me for a favor of God to receive it back with your prayers. Very much appreciated.

  35. Pray that I find the STRENGTH to quit smoking
    Even though Im 22 still live with my alcoholic father
    And the pain is great…….
    Brothers even advice will be good……

    • Father we enter into your courts with praise and thanksgiving for all that you have done and all that you will do; all Glory, Strength and Power are yours! You are our comforter, our shelter, our wiper of tears and fixer of broken hearts and spirits.It is into your loving hands we place ourselves today for healing. Lord I pray for this child of yours that you will heal the inner most secret of hurts that can not be expressed in words alone. But you oh Lord see into these secret places, and you see where our words fail. I pray total and complete healing of these places. That every chain be broken, that every tie that binds will fall loose. I pray that this child of yours will be washed and cleaned by the Blood of Jesus and that joy unspeakable will fill Laslo’s heart. I command the addiction of smoking to be broken by the blood of Jesus, be gone. All pain and sorrow I command you by the blood of Jesus to be gone, you have no place in the presence of the blood! Laslo, believe that you are a child of the most high, that you are loved. There is nothing He can not do. Believe He has a plan for your life, that he will lead you to goodness. But you must turn over your life to Him, read the word, let those words empower you. Don’t worry but pray. Seek others who follow Him and be welcomed into the Family of God. He truly will give you beauty for ashes. As far as your dad, pray without ceasing, and do what is right in the eyes of God. Be respectful even if he doesn’t deserve it. If you are in danger, then leave. God will provide a way. Work as the Bible tells us. Entrust your future to God.
      I will put you on my prayer list. Rest my friend in the Holy Spirit. Father we entrust this precious child to you, knowing that you will raise up a child to your glory. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!

  36. I ask for God’s guidance and complete healing when my dear friend has #5 ovarian cancer surgery on Monday. In over 6 yrs she has not been cancer free, however, she is a beautiful testimony of deep faith and trust in God. She is amazing and so inspiring to all who know her. Thank you for praying for Margaret!!!

    • Father we pray for Margaret that you touch her today Lord, that your hand rest upon her. We pray believing that you are our Healer and that there is nothing that you can not do. Father, we pray that your will be done in Margaret’s life, that she will be comforted and uplifted and that her faith will grow even more as you speak into her ear of your love for her. I pray for her devoted friend that you will also bless her and strengthen her and allow her to be a source of strength and comfort to Margaret and others around her. May both of these beautiful daughters be blessed, and Lord, let them feel the power of your presence, may it bring them strength and joy. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

  37. my youngest daughter is in treatment for drug addiction, she seems to be much better
    I need prayer that I can know what to say and do, that it would be exactly what God wants me to, to her. I tell her I love her, she CAN beat this, that God loves her and can deliver her, ect. We both have strong personalities and sometimes clash, so pray the “rough edges” get worn down on both of us! She is also pregnant so prayers or the baby. and her older son Charlie. thanks for praying and God bless richly.

    • Father I pray in the name of Jesus that you will bind this beloved child’s addiction, that all chains connected with drugs be broken and her heart and soul set free. I ask that you cover her with your blood and that you will use her mother in such a way that this child will come to you and be counted as a redeemed child of the Most High. There is no chasm your love can not bridge. I pray a hedge of protection around her children, that you will shelter them in your wings and draw them to you. Father we know and proclaim that you give us beauty for our ashes and so we ask believing that your word will not return void to you, but fulfilled to bring you Glory!! Amen.

  38. Pray for a friend of mine who is great trouble with the law. It is so sudden and so unlike her. She has never been in trouble before and in fact is in law enforcement. I don’t know if she did what she is accused of but I know that her life is forever changed. She knows the gospel, but maybe not the Lord. She is entangled with material things and those things are important to her. So please pray for her; perhaps in these circumstances she will seek Him. I know she must be scared and hurt and that grieves me. Thank you for praying.

  39. I will keep in prayer all those mentioned above and especially for the return of my son’s balance and ability to walk again. Rehab has restored some and his determination and his deep belief in the Savior, Jesus Christ, has brought his this far but it is still an up hill battle. I am asking once again for prayers for him. Ans god bless us all and this wonderful ministry.

  40. Praying that this ministry continually strong and more blessed.,upon praying many people with Gratitude and Glory to God.Please! pray for us;I’m almost married for 4 years to a man that i loved,and we didn’t have a child for a long time that we wish for.But we didn’t lose hope besides teasing of others.We’ve always been prayed that the time will come to bless us,because we both know that God is Good.Thank You!

    Praise the Lord!

  41. I would like to ask for prayers for my son who fights daily with Crohn’s and Rheumatoid Arthritis. He has applied for SSDI as he can no longer work.

    Prayers for this ministry to continue to reach others.

  42. I pray for Jennifer to be blessed by Jesus with a child.

    I pray for Susie’s son’s healing, for a miracle, for God’s power to touch him.
    May this ministry continue to reach others.

    I request prayers for my husband’s cousin’s wife Rohini regarding her profession.

  43. I pray God for my daughter so she can find her purpose in life, I pray for my husband to finally reach success, I pray God to allow me to become an old lady (He’ll understand:) and I pray for you all on this site. Amen.

  44. Prayers for you Chloe. Prayers too, for the Visual Verse Ministry. Please pray for family and health issues. To God be the glory! We praise him in all situations.”In everything give thanks.”

  45. Pray for my sister Debbie. To find a place to live and financial freedom. Pray for daughter and children. For job, issues she is facing.

  46. Praying for God’s continued protection for my family. That my son will turn his life over to you, make healthy choices, find work. I pray.

  47. Please pray for me. I have so much anger with my husband. I want to take this anger and bitterness towards my daughters. I want to release all these anger and bitterness so me and my daughters have a better relationship. Me and my husband are separated.Pray for us too.

  48. I have just spent an hour reading through all these prayers and requests after I had finished reading thedaily visual, which I love reading it has once again started me wanting Jesus back in my life I lost my faith some time ago and do not feel worthy to pray for myself, but I do try to pray for others!please can I request a prayer for spiritual recovery, and for my 4 adult children to find Jesus, only one of my children found him and that was 3 weeks before he was killed in a road accident. Please help me. God bless and expand your ministry . Thank you Jeannette

    • Hi Jeanette, Thanks for the thoughts from your heart. I will surely pray for you. I am sorry to hear that your lost your son, but it is comforting to know he knew Christ. May your other children come to know Jesus too.

  49. Prayers please, I am going to the doctor this Thursday. I may have something seriously wrong with me. I have had heart issues a few months ago and had stents put in, and God has brought me through wonderfully. I am gaining strength and making progress. But this new ailment is different, and I need prayers please for grace and healing. I thank you all. God is good, and I am praying for you all too.

  50. I pray first for Jeanette Olson and family, praising God that her son comprehended the love of Christ and salvation before the Lord brought him Home. May Jesus continue to comfort her and her Family’s hearts and bring them to salvation.
    We pray Lisa is safe and healthy at this time, or with her Lord Jesus.

    1. David at Hunting Camp, lost horse in rough country with Grizzly not denned yet; continued safety and success in poor conditions thru remainder of the Season, November, that the Guides can be free to witness of Christ Jesus
    2. 11lb baby to be born safely to Anna and Family, bringing joy, that he would fulfill the works of the Lord
    3. Self, healing from cancer, other issues. He promises we are healed spiritually, physically and Jesus Himself states we shall do greater works even than He because if His Spirit John 14:12, Matthew 10:5-8

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