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Photographers, online videos and courses are great, but have you ever wanted to have a personal photography coach? Someone who can better help you capture the moments you want to remember? And do you wish you could talk with a person knowledgeable in photography who will give you one-on-one time, answer your questions and help you improve your photography? Well then, you have come to the right place. (Click here to sign up for my twice monthly photo tips)

As Your Personal Photo Coach, I Can Help You:

Hi. My name is Pat Mingarelli. I have almost 30 years photography and photography teaching experience. I can help you better capture the moments you want to remember

  • Master Composition
  • Understand F-stops and shutter speed and why they matter
  • Better capture the moments you treasure 
  • Learn how to shoot outstanding landscapes
  • Use photography as an artform
  • Capture better wildlife images
  • Take outdoor portraits people will love
  • Decided the best lens to use and why
  • Capture photographs that touch people
  • Get outstanding sports action shots
  • Know what type of gear you really need
  • Know when to shoot raw and went to shoot JPEG
  • Master Exposure
  • Get a better understanding of HDR and when to use it
  • Learn to manage and file all those photos that are piling up in your computer
  • Know how to determine which white balance is best
  • Understand shooting modes and which one works best for which situation
  • And much more


As your personal photo coach, I will listen to what your personal photo growth needs are. Through Zoom, we will have one or more one on one, 45-minute sessions about you and your photography with the purpose of making you a better photographer. 

I have 30 years of professional photography experience, working for a newspaper, a magazine and as a freelance photographer. In addition to my 30 years shooting experience, I also have 15 years of experience teaching photography through seminars, workshops, and college classes. Currently I work primarily as an architectural photographer, sports photographer and of course, a nature photographer.  I also teach college photography classes and enjoy other types of photography as well. (Click to Get Started Today)

If you have any questions contact me at pat @ (with no spaces) or use the form below.

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Four Personal Photo Coaching Packages

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