Do you have a site. Do you enjoy God’s Word and His creation? Then this is a WordPress plugin for you!1210-neb-03-01-srgb

(For those using, Weebly, Blogger, Wix or other website platforms different than click here)

           By simply posting our WordPress plugin on your site you gain an effortless no cost way to enrich your site visitors with a message from God’s Word coupled with an inspiring photo of His grand creation. It makes a great resource to bless others and to enhance your web set.

           The purpose of the Visual Verse of the Day is to celebrate God as Creator and to Inspire people through God’s Word and His Creation. It makes an excellent addition for any website and I am confident it will make an excellent addition to yours.

           You can find the plugin here or by using your WordPress plugin installer through your dashboard. To do so, open your Wordpress dashboard and click on “Plugins”, then click “Add New” and search for “Visual Verse of the Day”. Then install and activate. 


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