Choose Your Personal Photography Coaching Packages Below

The Portfolio Review $95.00 (Summer Special $75.00)

With the Portfolio Review, you submit 15 photos for me to review. I’ll take sometime to look at those photos and write up some notes. We will then have a 45 minute zoom discussion about those photographs and I’ll suggest ways you can improve name and your overall photography. I will give you some action steps and a photo challenge assignment to complete that will help you become a better photographer.

Single Frame: $95.00 (Summer Special $75.00)

The Single Frame is my basic photography coaching package. It consists of one 45-minute Zoom coaching sessions discussing photo topics of your choosing, instruction time and a critique of some of your current photographs. After our discussion and critique, I will give you some action steps and a photo challenge assignment to complete that will help you become a better photographer.        

Multi-Frame: $190.00 (Summer Special $150.00)

The Mulit-Frame builds on our first conversation of either the Portfolio Review or Single Frame. It’s add a second 45-minute Zoom coaching sessions a week or two later. During the second session, you will get a full critique of the images you shot as part of your action steps and photo challenge assignment. Following the critique you will receive additional instructions and we may discuss other photography topics as well.

The High Speed Mulit-Frame: $275.00 (Summer Special $200.00 Best Priced)

The High Speed Mulit-Frame package is a more in depth photography coaching package. It adds a third 45-minute Zoom coaching sessions with an additional photo critique. At the end of the session you’ll receive additional action steps to help you continue to improve your photography. 

Motor Drive: $370.00 (Summer Special $300.00)

The Motor Drive package adds a fourth coaching session to go over the additional action step assignments and to discuss additional photo topics at greater depth.


Local Shoot $300.00 (Summer Special $225.00)

The Local Shoot is for those living in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. Instead of getting together on a Zoom call, we will get together in person and have an onsite location photo shoot. The type of photography we do will be your choice. We can cover landscapes, architecture, go to the zoo, a state park, or shoot a sports event when you child or grandchildren is playing. I can even help you with a portrait session. We will spend 2 hours together photographing at the location that you choose.

Please Note: Any entry fees will be paid by the client and there will be a milage fee of $1 per mile when the location is over 40 miles round trip for me.

If you have any questions, to avoid spam contact me at pat @ thecreationspeaks. com with no spaces.

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