Find an escape from a world gone crazy and  distractions that keep us stressed out and disconnected from God.

Often life seems to take us to a place where we feel distracted and disconnected from God. I know because it happens to me, but as a photographer I have found a special way to get away and draw near to God. I’ve discovered that through nature photography we can leave the distractions and stresses of life and connect with God.The very blue water of Arrow Lake reflects the mountains of Glacier National Park, Montana and Psalm 107:29-31 Bible Verse of the Day the waters were Hushed

I have a passion to tell others about this and would love to speak about at your next event.

When we step into nature, we leave the man-made world and step into the God made world. That act alone does so much to free us from the distractions of life, but when we combine it with photography it frees our mind and stills our heart to connect with God on a deeper level.

We connect with the Creator in a special way while we creatively interact with His creation. It is act of worship.

Almost everyone has a camera these days, so anyone can put the principles of spiritual photography into practice. Through nature photography, we can learn to walk away from stresses and distractions of life to find peace, contentment and a deeper connection with God.

I am available to speak on this and related topics at your church, business, ministry event, camp or retreat. And for those who want to further develop their photography skills, I also do photography workshops from a Christian perspective. I do both of these with groups or through one-on-one coaching. Use the form below to contact me.

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Drawing Near to God Through Nature Photography, Even with Your Phone
  • Meeting God in His Creation
  • The Christian and Nature Photography
  • God, Beauty and Our Call to Create
  • God’s Art: The True Standard of Art and Aesthetic