I have photography tip videos on both YouTube and Rumble. The links are below.

HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography
A short lesson on high dynamic range photography otherwise known as HDR photography.

The Sunrise: Look Behind You!
When photographing a sunrise, don’t only look at the sunrise, but look behind you and see how the sun is lighting up the landscape as it rises.

Photographic Technique of Framing a Subject
How to make a photographic image a bit more interesting by using elements in your photograph to frame the primary subject. The framing composition technique can be used in outdoor and nature photography and other types of photography as well.

Getting Rid of Blue Snow in Landscape Photographs
Snow often photographs blue in the shadows, especially in the low sun of early morning or late evening. We can minimize blue snow to make look more natural. We do this by desaturating the blue in the shadow areas using Photoshop or some other software.

Snow and Exposure Compensation
Snow present some challenges for photographers. In this video we look at an easy way to illuminate the blue color cast snow often has and how to use your exposure compensation to properly expose a snow scene.

Understanding Shutter Speed
Do you want to learn photography? Shutter speed is a basic element of photography. By watching this in-depth video beginners and confused amateurs will more fully understand the concept of shutter speed and learn to be better photographers. As result of watching this video you will be better equip to take better photos and that’s awesome!