I am a professional photographer. I help people connect with God through my nature photography and the Bible so they may better understand His power and majesty and feel His peace. I do this through The Visual Bible Verse of the Day, speaking engagements, devotionals and blog posts. A snowy egret in shallow blue water at Orlando Wetlands Park for Bible verse of the day website

This site, The Visual Bible Verse of the Day combines God’s Word with His creation. It’s purpose is to glorify Him and to encourage people in their daily lives.

In addition to a daily photo and Bible verse, I desire to help people grow closer to God and know His word. With that in mind, I include a short devotional and a link to a full chapter of Scripture with every post. The Visual Bible Verse’s Resources and Purpose pages contain links to other sites believers can use to grow in their faith.

I didn’t start out to make a Bible Verse of the Day website. (Click here for the latest post.)

Many years ago the Lord placed it on my heart to celebrate Him as Creator through photography. I started out on that path not knowing where it would take me. I had one destination in mind. God had another. After I took my vision several different directions God brought me here to bring you The Visual Bible Verse of the Day.


The Story behind The Visual Bible Verse of the Day


My path in ministry took a few different directions over the years. One of those directions was to write a book. As I spent more time outside, God spoke to me through His creation. The creation also spoke to me about God. The working manuscript to this book consists of stories of those teachable moments in creation. I plan to call the book God’s Art.

A mountain pass in Grand Teton National Park for a Bible verse of the day website

In order to build an audience for the book I started a Facebook page called God’s Art by Photographer Pasquale Mingarelli. I began posting a photo of the day with a Scripture verse to the page. The Facebook page took off. Eventually over 850,000 people liked it. Unfortunately, Facebook has since changed how they do things. Currently, they only show the post to a few hundred people each day.

As a result, the focus of my attention has switch from Facebook to The Visual Bible Verse of the Day website. The website continues to grow. My desire is that it will someday reach a million people a day. If you would like to be one of those million, you can sign up here to receive the Bible verse of the day delivered to your email inbox. If you want to receive the emails less often, you can choose to have them delivered three times a week or even simply twice a week.

My Ministry and Photography Background

I started to walk with Jesus back when I was a young boy. During that time. At that same, time discovered an interest in photography. The process of taking a photograph back then was vastly different. That processes fascinated me and I began taking photos with a 110 camera. As a senior in high school I purchased my first 35mm film camera. It was completely manual. It had nothing automatic at all! Following that purchase I decided to take a photography class the last semester of my high school year. I enjoyed it and went on to college to study photojournalism at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

Bison roam the plains of Custer State Park South Dakota for a Bible verse of the day website

During my time at Bowling Green I started to think about out glorifying God with photograph. I wondered how that would come to be. The first stage of my answer arrived quickly after graduation. While working for a small northwest Ohio newspaper, I interviewed to work with a magazine published by Campus Crusade for Christ. They hired me and for 12 years I served the Lord with Campus Crusade as a photographer.

A Verse of the Day and Celebrating God

I left Campus Crusade (now known as Cru) and started Wildheart Photography. The purpose of Wildheart Photography is to celebrate God as Creator through photography. As I do this I desire that people who know God would come to know Him deeper and for those who don’t know God would come to know Him. Today, Wildheart Photography is my businesses name. My verse of the Day ministry and creation speaking ministry are both part of Wildheart Photography.

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