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  1. Hi Pasquale. And I also pray for you that your wonderful ministry (= pictures and words of Life) will reach (more than!) a million people each day … all for the Glory of God! It is my prayer that a business I am currently establishing will generate enough to contribute more than $1M each year to building the Kingdom of God. Let us all lift up Jesus!

    • Hi Nick! Thanks for praying for my ministry!

      That’s a great vision you have for your business. I wish more business had the same vision. I’ll pray for you and your business.

  2. I read your posts, daily, and find comfort in them. I, too, love nature and what God has given us to enjoy. I will pray that your dedicated ministry will flourish and reach man. I share each one with many as they love reading them as well. I pray that the words of God’s Wisdom will resonate in them. I am doing a prison ministry and would like prayers that I can reach each inmate in the way that the apostles reached the many that they taught about Christ. May God bless you and keep you always in His care.

    • that’s so wonderful Kathryn…may His powerful Spirit of grace and peace shine unhindered through you as you love the prisoners to Jesus! Thank you for being His emissary to these dear ones whom Jesus died to save.

    • Hi Kathryn. Thanks for praying for my ministry!

      Prison is so needed. One of the men in my men’s group at my church came to know the Lord in prison.

      Keep focused and keep going. I know sometimes prison ministry can be frustrating, but the Lord is using you there.

  3. I want to be faithful in my prayers. I love to pray for the lost, to know Him….and His bride, to know Him better. thank you.

    • Hi Nancy. Those are wonderful prayers to pray. May God bless you as you pray and may He touch the lives that you are praying for. May we all know the Lord better.

  4. I Love this. My hope is to one day have some kind of ministry attached to my woodworking / wooden signs business somehow. My fiance and I are struggling financially but have faith that Father will show us the way at the right time to do work for His kingdom one day.

  5. Praying for this ministry and others who love our precious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Although my personal circumstances seem sad to others I cling to the hope and promises of our awesome God. He has allowed me to share “the faith” and encourage others while they are being treated in a medical setting. I covet the prayers of others that I remain strong and faithful to the end.

    • What a wonderful calling, to minister to the ill while you are ill. May God bless what you do and bring healing to your body. I pray that God will keep you strong and faithful.

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