Rest in God for True peace — 8 Comments

  1. Thank God this morning that He cares for us in Texas as we feel distress and concern over the loss of lives due to our unprecedented winter storm. Of course we were not prepared for minus 2 degrees. No water and no power over much of our State. Bless God! We shall say, “He rescued us!”

    • I did see the reports in the very cold weather in Texas. It’s been cold here too, but we get cold every year, just not as cold as. The last time we had a temperature over 20° was Friday, February 5, But we can handle it. May God get you guys warm soon.

      • Thank you for your prayers. This morning we have water – thank God! Half million homes/businesses still without power today, but that is down from 4.3 million yesterday! God is so good!

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