Blog: Amazed — 17 Comments

  1. Go against the flow? Gonna have to take some time to absorb that…been trying to go with the flow these days 🙂

    • Sometimes it’s good to go with the flow and sometimes it’s good to go against the flow. We just have to look to God to find out when to flow and when to go against the flow.

  2. Although I was born and raised in Kansas, I lived for all too brief a time in Colorado. I never ceased to be amazed at the mountains and the wildlife. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty of Colorado.

  3. Really enjoyed this! I felt like I was right there experiencing God’s creation. Thanks and God bless!

  4. God is so awesome and He is in all living things. He is God of the living not of the dead. Thanks for all the shares. God love and blessings.