Visual Bible Verse of the Day: Sunflower desert blooms, Badlands National Park, South Dakota and Isaiah 35:1.Wild sunflowers desert blooms in dry soil under a blue sky, Badlands National Park, South Dakota and Bible verse Isaiah 35:1.

“The wilderness and the dry lands shall be glad, the desert shall rejoice and blossom.” Isaiah 35:1 ESV

Desert Blooms

Even in the most barren places God leaves touches of beauty. A God that brings blooms in the desert is a wonderful God. Have a great week!

Read all of Isaiah 35, a joyful chapter about God’s redemption. 

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God Brings Desert Blooms — 6 Comments

  1. Our God is a God who does miracles.He is our Lord who cares for us.
    Thank you God for workinG miracles upon us.You alone are our anchor.

  2. Rejoicing comes before the blossoming. This verse has been my ‘balm’ for a long time. I read this when I get to looking ant my problem instead of the problem solver. Then I am reminded to Rejoice in all things and the desert will bloom again in His time.