God Brings Desert Blooms — 3 Comments

  1. To answer your question I will say this. As a child I grew up in a nhome that I was sure I was unloved and unwanted. Because of this I suffered for 30+ years from suicidal depression.God took me out of that situation and lead me miles away to where I met my husband of 51 years. I know about God from my church but never knew of a relationship with Jesus. Now both my husband and I know Jesus as well as my sons, however sadly on son does not walk with the Lord, but my heart knows that God will bring him back. Grandchildren also walk with the lord. Praising God.

    • Hi joyce. Thanks for sharing your story! God has definitely taken you from a hard situation and made your life bloom. It’s wonderful that Most of your children and grandchildren are walking with God. What a wonderful blessing that is!