Beyond Genesis Part V


Praise the Lord our mighty Creator and provider!

           Open a Bible to the first pages of Genesis and those pages are pretty clear: God made the world! God created everything. Not only does Genesis tell us this, but so do many other books of Bible. In this final installment of the Beyond Genesis: 101 Bible Verses About God and His Creation Outside the Book of Genesis we will look at verses outside of the book of Genesis that declare God as Creator. We will also look at other verses that show how God our Creator also provides for our needs and the needs of the creatures He has created.

            May you enjoy reading about our great Creator and wonderful provider.

You can click here to download this installment of Beyond Genesis as well as the other three.

Here are the verse five verses of the last 26 (verses 75-101 of the series)


Nehemiah 9:6

76) Nehemiah 9:6

“You alone are the LORD. You have made the heavens, the heaven of heavens with all their host, the earth and all that is on it, The seas and all that is in them. You give life to all of them and the heavenly host bows down before You.”

77) Job 5:10

“He gives rain on the earth and sends water on the fields.”

78) Job 38:8-11

“Or who enclosed the sea with doors when, bursting forth, it went out from the womb; When I made a cloud its garment and thick darkness its swaddling band, and I placed boundaries on it and set a bolt and doors, and I said, ‘Thus far you shall come, but no farther; and here shall your proud waves stop’?”


Psalm 8:3-5

79) Psalm 8:3-5

“When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained; What is man that You take thought of him and the son of man that You care for him? Yet You have made him a little lower than God, and You crown him with glory and majesty! You make him to rule over the works of Your hands; You have put all things under his feet.”

80) Psalm 24:1 2

“The earth is the LORD’S, and all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it. For He has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the rivers.”


Psalm 42:1-2

81) Psalm 42:1-2 

“As the deer pants for the water brooks, so my soul pants for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God; When shall I come and appear before God?”

If you would like to read the rest of the 76-101 and a bonus verse, click here to download!

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