Blog: God and the Winters in Our Lives — 21 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful and inspirational readings about the Lord and all the beauty He creates/created.
    I find them all so encouraging and uplifting . God is amazing and beautiful .

  2. Beautiful stuff here. Especially love and relate to, “In the quiet splendor of our walk God showed me that just as I remain joyful in winter I should remain joyful in my struggles. That is hard for me. But in Thessalonians verses 5:16-18 Paul wrote, “Rejoice always… in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (NASB)” Thanks, Pat 🙂

  3. Thank you for the prayers for my husband. He did well with his surgery and he is home now recuperating. I thanked God the most for all the help and healing He did for my husband. Not only that, me and my two daughters bonded very well during this struggle. There is always good things in pain and sufferings. Thank you once again.

  4. “Rejoice always… in everything give thanks!” It’s true. Winter is a lovely time. But in reflection, it’s a great metaphor for the tough times in our lives, the adversity we face. It is right to give thanks always, even for those times in our lives when it doesn’t seem to make much sense. Great blog! I love when people write things that are perfect such as this.

    • Thank you, Rabbi! I appreciate your encouraging note. I looked at your website. Very nice! What a blessing it is to be more grateful for things we have been given. When our focus is on being grateful it is hard to be unhappy.

  5. I recently discovered your Facebook page & Blog. It has very beautiful sceneries of nature and very uplifting spiritual words. This is especially heartwarming. Keep up the great work. God bless!

    • Hi Rosa. Thanks for your encouraging comment! I’m glad you discovered the Facebook page. May you continue to blessed by the photos and Scripture verses.

  6. Beautiful pictures and beautiful words to go along with them. Thank you for sharing your pictures and God’s word.

  7. Hi Pasquale, i thank God for people like you. God gave you this beatiful gift, to understand and to make pictures with this what says God in the bible. To discribe what God wants to say us through his Word.

    You inspire me every day a new. I never loved the winter times, but with your comments, which help me to understand his word better, i want to change my mind about winter.
    Now, i understand this words in Psalm 51, verse 9 (it’s 9 not 7) so much better. Now, when i see snow, i want to think about this encouraging verse; wash me and i shall be whiter than snow.
    Now, i can see something positive with snow.

    • That’s awesome, Tami! Thanks for sharing it with me. May God continue to work in your live and may you continue to learn new ways to see reminders of Him in the natural world around us. Snow is such a beautiful picture of His righteousness.

  8. I so enjoyed your winter walk with God and such beautiful creativity with words. Such inspiration of visuality. Very much enjoyed!

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  10. I always enjoy the first snow fall of the year, to me, it’s God laying the blanket over Mother Earth for protection. It’s her time to rest up. The more snow we get through the winter the more rested up she will be. The previous season was very tough on her. Amen *

  11. Winter has always held a very special place in my heart. I love the beauty of the snow on trees and how brings out the beauty of the least pretty tree. The sun shining on them has them glistening like diamonds.In the silence one can feel the presence of God. I thank you for bringing beauty and God’s word into my life. I have a son who needs prayer that he may fully be able to walk again, He had surgery that left his lower extremities with a stroke. Therapy has helped but it has it’s limits.My thanks for allowing me to share. God Bless you.

    • Thanks Rosalie. Winter has plenty of beauty if we only open our eyes to it and seems like you really know how to see the beauty and wonder of winter.

      I will pray for your son.