A hiker stands on a cliff overlooking Zion Canyon in Zion National Park as lead photo for a daily Bible devotional

Creation gives us opportunity to ponder the things of God. God’s Word and His creation make up the solid foundation for this daily Bible devotional.


The purpose of this daily Bible devotional is to encourage and inspire people in their life through God’s Word and God’s creation.

Each post consists of a short daily devotion using a Bible passage and a photo of God’s creation. (See the latest photo and daily verse here.). The Visual Verse of the Day photos are artistic illustrations meant to glorify God and point to Him as Creator. They serve to inspire faith and hope in people.

The photos and devotions are meant to point us all to God. To get the true message of any scripture we must read it in the context of the passage. Also, each scripture needs to be read in the context of the entire Bible.

You can read more about the importance of climbing the Mountain of God’s Word here. And here are some good links to really explore the Bible with greater purpose:

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    You can read my statement of faith here. You can learn more about knowing God here.

The Story of This Daily Bible Devotion and Verse of The Day

             My name is Pasquale Mingarelli and I started the Visual Verse of the Day on Facebook to promote my book God’s Art: Spiritual Insights From a Wildlife Photographer. At that time I just called the page “God’s Art”. From there, it evolved into a daily photo from nature along with a verse from the Bible. When the likes on the page started surging past 40,000, I realized I had something special. Due to the Facebook success the time came to create a website to touch more people on a daily basis. In addition to those, I also started a Twitter page and a Pinterest page.

The Facebook page climaxed about 860,000 likes and 400 to 500 shares a day. While all that Facebook attention was great for a time, Facebook now only shows the post to a few dozen people each day. Therefore, the best way to follow our daily Bible devotion is to Receive our email or download The Visual Bible Verse of the Day Mobile App.

Majesty, Mystery and Beauty

The majesty, mystery and beauty of nature draw us closer to God. When we look at a mountain, robust and strong, it tells us something of the power of God. The glory we see in each sunset tells of us of a greater glory. A sunset’s glory tells of a glory that transcends the earth, sky and sun. Each sunset points to God. That is why they touch our hearts in a deep way and we call them romantic. The romance of God calls to us. Sadly, many close their eyes to God’s romance and choose not to see it, just as many choose not to look at the beauty of a sunset. My hope is that God will draw you to him through this Bible verse of the Day site and that you will respond to His love.

God bless and may you enjoy our daily Bible devotion.


A Daily Bible Devotion with God’s Word and His Creation — 23 Comments

  1. Congratulations for a job well done.God’s creation really speaks and it’s getting louder and louder. God bless you in all your undertakings.

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