Losing Truth and Discernment to a Troubled Culture — 8 Comments

  1. Good word Pat! Very true and well stated. Compassion for all people of every stripe, born from Biblical truth about our (humankind’s) identity and worth, married to action motivated from the heart by authentic love for God and people. Not behavior modification Not PC. Not guilt. These appear sincere and look good on the outside, but are counterfeits, often masking the true (never pure, truth compromising and always selfish or self-serving on some level, self-righteous or even sinister) motives of the person whose core motivatation is political correctness and not Biblical truth. The motive is what matters most to God.

    • Thanks John. It’s been on my heart to write something like this for a many weeks now. So true. Compassion should never be driven by guilt. Christ should be our only motivation.

  2. All that was written is quite true!Unfortunately there are many that cannot tell the difference between truth and lies, good and evil. I have no doubt the Lord will save us from ourselves!

    • Amen Christine. The Lord is the only one Who can save us from ourselves. Hopefully those that are fooled will discern the truth.

  3. I pray that the Lord will deliver us from evil because it is so easy to be in the flesh about this issue. Racism exists, there’s no doubt about that, and as Christians, we should speak out against it by urging people to repent and believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ.