Find Rest in Christ and True Thanksgiving — 3 Comments

  1. If I may ask, when were you in Cades Cove? My wife and I were there 11-17-18 through 11-23-18 and had and awesome journey through Cades Cove. You take better photo’s than I, and we noticed a photographer on the grounds while there. Loved the Ole’ Churches there on the grounds. God Blessed beyond measure on this trip.Thankful for all you do and share. Bryan and Marla Howell.

    • Thanks Bryan. Yes Cades Cove is beautiful. I have been there a couple times, but didn’t make it there this year. The photo above was taken a previous year. I’d like to get back there. I try to mix recent photos with photos taken a few years back to change the location of the photos from day to day. It keeps the site more interesting.