A grey mountain benneth a grey sky in Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada to represent the mountain of God's Word

For Christian believers it is important for each one of us to read the Bible in context and to climb the mountain of God’s Word.

            We all climb many mountains in life. Each one of those mountains presents different challenges. Some are much more challenging than others. Some even bring us great amounts of joy with the challenges. Whether we find life’s mountain difficult or joyful they all must be climbed.

Two Holy Mountains

A man hiking up the side of Mount Elbert to represent walking up the mountain of God's Word

To truly know God’s Word we have to step into it and climb.

           One mountain I recently talked about climbing is The Mountain of God. The only way a mountain climber can truly know a mountain is when he climbs it. Only then does the climber truly experience all that a mountain has to offer. In the same way we don’t experience God until we fully give ourselves to Him and immerse ourselves in all that He is.

            In addition to climbing the mountain of God, every Christ follower also needs to climb the mountain of God’s Word. The only way to truly know God starts by digging into the Bible and knowing His word. This does not happen by just reading a daily devotion with one verse nor does in happen by only getting topical messages in church. This happens by reading through books of the Bible in complete context. Sadly, false teachers today take the Bible out of context and lead believers astray. When we know God’s Word and know it well we stay on the true path and are not deceived.

Climbing Gear

A mountain valley with low clouds and grey sky in Olympic National Park

Understanding God’s Word may seem like a distant and difficult journey, but with right gear we can do it step by step.

           Climbing the mountain of God’s Word may seem rather difficult to some of us. That is understandable, but just like any other mountain we can do this one step at a time. And let us remember, that any mountain worth climbing is never easy.

            Just like mountain climbers take gear with them when they climb, it’s best for us to take along things that will help us navigate God’s word. The use of commentaries and study guides can help us better understand the message and apply it to our lives. Many of those can be found online (see links below). 

            Finally, most Mountain climbers do not go it alone. Let’s climb the mountain of God together with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We can do that through group Bible studies and solid biblical church teaching. All will be blessed.

A well worn pair of hiking boots. When we walk up the mountain of God's Word we will wear out our Bibles

Just like a good pair of hiking book gets well worn from plenty of good, so should our Bibles.

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Resources for Bible study:

Bible Study Tools has a whole host of resources for you to use in your study time.
Blue Letter Bible also has many resources.
This website from the ministry of Cru has great resources to order for personal or group study.


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