Enjoy this video about my ministry, The Creation Speaks! Blessings.

Watch and be blessed. To learn more about my ministry The Creation Speaks click here. God is good.

I am a Christian speaker and would love to take this message to your church, ministry group, retreat or camp. The Creation Speaks ministry uses the Bible, the outdoors and nature photography to show how creation reveals the glory of God. When we understand how great God works in His creation we will better Understand how great he works in our lives! To learn more about my ministry The Creation Speaks click here.


Video: The Creation Speaks — 24 Comments

  1. Really love your work.
    it is so inspiring and uplifting
    I’m sharing on my wall and hope my fb friends are blessed also
    Be blessed always,
    In Christ,

  2. .., Thank you ! am so happy I found this site ! .., your Ministry and Photography is a great inspiration and a wonderful addition to the things which I love and care about ..,God Bless !

    • Joanna, thanks for your comments! I am glad you found this site too. May it continue to be a blessing and an inspiration to you and those you share it with.

      God is good.


  3. Our Lord speaks to us in His creation. God told me to Rest, that “He’s Got It”. Next day the Lord brought 5 deer into my yard and they layed down and just rested.
    Two months later he said it again when I had an impossible problem.
    “Rest, He’s Got It”.
    The Lord Jesus, Delivered me totally out of the impossible. All things are possible in Jesus Name. If He speaks He will do it. Trust, wait,and “stand still and SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD!”

  4. Amen! In my heart the creation speaks of how great and marvelous our God is! He is the ultimate creator of everything we are enjoying in this world! In every creation His connections is there His master is beyond comparison!
    Thank you Lord! for this wonderful and beautiful world to live.. But more looking forward to be in your Kingdom in heaven..

  5. Found this today on Facebook and love your ministry! Hope to keep up with any postings you have. You truly are a Blessing and being used by God to share His beautiful creation.

  6. Grateful for a sight where my experience with God and His Creation are shared and appreciated by others of like mind an d Spirit.

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