The Bible says nature reveals the glory of God and His attributes (Psalm 19 and Romans 1). When we spend time in the outdoors it help us better appreciate God by making His attributes more real to us. It’s like climbing mountain as oppose to just seeing photos of it. Those of you have climbed a mountain know that you get a better appreciation for a mountain when you climb it. When we climb we learn about the mountain and we can also learn about God. Here is a short video of segment of presentation I gave to a Christian men’s group about climbing the mountain of God.

I am a Christian speaker with a unique kind of creation ministry. The focus of my ministry, The Creation Speaks is how God reveals Himself through things He has made. Most people in the Church today don’t have the opportunity to spend a lot of time outside. My ministry brings the outside to your church. Through my ministry presentations people can learn what the natural world tells us about God.

You’ll be encouraged from learning more about it on my website www.thecreationspeaks.comThe Creation Speaks, is available for ministry and church events, camps, retreats, men’s groups and other ministry groups. I use the Bible and nature photography to take different look at God’s creation. Click here to get more information and come climb the mountain of God.


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