Psalm 104 in the Bible is a psalm that takes a detailed look at the natural world for what it is—the creation of God and His handy work. We need look at creation as the craftsmanship and artistry of God that serves His purposes. That is the way the psalmist who wrote the Psalm saw it. He saw it with Psalm 104 eyes. As a Christian Speaker I talk about our need to see the natural world with those kind of eyes. Watch the video to learn more about seeing the world with Psalm 104 Eyes.

When we see creation as the psalmist who wrote Psalm 104 saw it we will better know and appreciate the greatness of God. He is grand and glorious and His creation makes God know to us as it reflects these attributes of God. 

We all can benefit from taking time to sit in the presence of God in His creation. There we can relax in quiet, put on our Psalm 104 eyes and ponder the wonders of our God.
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