Through the Heart with God: An outdoorsmen’s devotional

Through the Heart with God is a hikers and outdoorsmen’s 7-day devotional about spending time with God in the outdoors (scroll down for the download form).

An outdoorsmen's devotional cover with a bow hunter in in camouflage clothing on pulling back on his bow. Download to enjoy this outdoorsmen's devotional

God speaks to men in different ways than He speaks to women. He made men part wild and we possess a touch of the wilderness inside. With that wilderness inside we find God outside. We bond with Him there better than we do in a church building. We find that He speaks to the ruggedness in our souls through the outdoors as we seek Him there.

As men, we like to hunt, fish, hike, camp or just be outside. I have spent countless hours outside. With so much of my life spent outside I have felt God speak to me through His creation and the creation speak to me about God.

The Bible tells us that nature has a lot to say about Him and I think sometimes for men we hear God’s voice better in the wild than in the walls of a church.  I have discovered this to be true for myself. May this devotional help you discover what God would say to you through the outdoors.

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” That’s true, but I say, “When a man steps into the outdoors to find solitude he is really looking for God.”

In Addition to this Outdoorsmen’s Devotional

I pray that God use this outdoorsman’s devotional to help you better understand how He speaks to us as men through the outdoors. As an added bonus you will also receive The Visual Bible Verse of the Day for encouragement from God and the outdoors all year. May you find great strength in the strength of our Creator!

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