Blueberry photography — 2 Comments

  1. I like having the personal touch of the video! Always nice the see the action and personality behind the stills. I shoot about half and half video and still with my Nikon D7200. If there is any movement in the image, before I remove it from the tripod, I do a companion 20 sec. HD video to go with it. I find them very compelling in showing off God’s amazing energy in His creation in the occasional devotional videos I do on Facebook, Keep up the Lord’s work of a Devotional Photographer! I look forward to them every day. Kevin

    • Hi Kevin. Thanks for the note. In the future I want to do more videos like the blueberry one when I’m out shooting.

      I went to your facebook page and enjoyed some of your videos. Very nice! I like your idea of getting some video footage of what you’ve just photographed. You did a great job with some of the videos. I saw the video of Lower Soda Falls and thought, “I know that one!”