2 Samuel 18:27 and The Watchman Peak, Zion National Park, Utah.The rugged face of The Watchman Pea in Zion National Park, Utah and 2 Samuel 18:27

“The watchman said, ‘I think the running of the first one is like the running of Ahimaaz the son of Zadok.’ And the king said, ‘This is a good man and he comes with good news.’” 2 Samuel 18:27

Be Like the Watchman

Many Verses in the Bible speak of watchmen. According to jesusplusnothing.com watchmen looked out into the distance for runners, armies or anything unusual. They would be the first to warn the king or military leaders of any meaningful activity.

Standing on mountain peak such as this one would allow a person to see for miles. It’s no wonder it’s called “The Watchman”. As believers we need to stand watch like the watchman and be ready for God working in our lives. We also need to carefully watch for the works of the devil and sin around us that we would remain close to God.

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