Cosmos Bipinnatus Flower, Bellevue, Nebraska and Psalm 37:5-6.Purple cosmos bipinnatus flower on black background and Psalm 37:5-6 God's light

“Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in Him, and He will do it. He will bring forth your righteousness as the light and your judgment as the noonday.” Psalm 37:5-6

God’s Light

God reveals Himself to us in the things He has made. His creation gives us windows into His character. Even the simply things like flowers show us bits of God’s glory. As John Calvin wrote, “God revealed Himself and daily discloses Himself in the whole workmanship of the universe. As a consequence, men cannot open their eyes without being compelled to see Him.”

When we pursue Him, His light and righteousness shines through us to the world and people are “compelled to see Him.”

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