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Book cover for a men's outdoor devotional Finding God Outside.For the Finding God Outside men’s outdoor devotional download form click here.

Christian men realize that God speaks to us differently than He speaks to women. He made men with a touch of the wilderness inside and many of us find God outside. We bond with Him there like nowhere else. We find that He speaks to the ruggedness in our souls through the outdoors as we seek Him.

I have spent countless hours outside hiking, backpacking, photographing, etc. I have felt God speaking to me through His creation and the creation speaking to me about God through my many hours outside. The Bible tells us that creation has much to say about God and I think sometimes for men we hear His voice better in the wild than in a church.  I have discovered this to be true for myself. My prayer for you is that this men’s outdoor devotional will help you discover what God would say to you through the outdoors. Click the link to download Finding God Outside, a men’s outdoor devotional.

In Addition to this men’s Outdoor Devotional

I pray that God use this men’s outdoor devotional to help you better understand how He speaks to use through the outdoors. You can also visit The Visual Bible Verse of the Day site daily for encouragement from God in the outdoors all year.

When a man heads to the wilderness to find solitude he is really looking for God.