Blog: Waiting for Longs — 10 Comments

  1. God is majestic in all his glory. We have to “Be Still” and know that he is God at times in our lives. I will pray for your ministry and it’s growth.

  2. May your ministry afford you a waiting audience! Love the visuals and pointing all glory to God and His Word! May you be richly BLESSED!

  3. Your ministry and photographs draws me closer to our awesome God; Creation through our Lord Jesus is beyond thankful words!!! May He who is above ALL, continue to bless you always. Peace be with you….your little sister in Christ, Susan Thurman Rincon.

    • Praise God, Susan! My He continue to bless you through this ministry He has given me. Thanks for your prayers and for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Hi and thanks for this blog. When one sees the first photos in the incorrect light and then after waiting the photo at the perfect timing. One can understand what it means to Wait on God. We all need to be patient for God’s timing is perfect

  5. I am blessed every morning by your posts! I read them when I get to work, and it starts my day in the right frame of mind. Thank you for your work and your faithfulness!

    • Hi Deborah. You’re welcome and thanks for your comment! I am glad that The Visual Verse helps your start your day of right. Blessings to you!