I Will be Their God — 2 Comments

  1. Hi I am struggling with a manager who speaks down to me at work and as I have been bullied all my life from school and college and work at the beginning This situation is causing me to lose confidence and making me depressed As a result although been a practicing Christian 42 yrs on and off Can God change my situatio
    situation I have Autism full blown but not HAD

    • Hi Andrew. I am sorry to hear of your situation. God can change it and any situation, but often He chooses to work through our trials in ways we do not expect. We think, “This is my situation and it needs to change in this way.” But God see things in ways we cannot see them. He works in ways we don’t always see or understand. We can be confident He sees our suffering and desires we find comfort in Him. As our God, He walks through things with us. I will pray for you.