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Photographers, online videos and courses are great, but have you ever wanted to have a personal photography coach? Someone who can better help you capture the moments you want to remember? Do you wish you could talk with a person knowledgeable in photography who will give you one-on-one time, answer your questions and help you improve your photography? Well then, you have come to the right place.

As Your Personal Photo Coach, I Can Help You:

Hi. My name is Pat Mingarelli. I have almost 30 years photography and photography teaching experience. I can help you better capture moments you want to remember

  • Master Composition
  • Understand F-stops and shutter speed and why they matter
  • Better capture the moments you treasure 
  • Learn how to shoot outstanding landscapes
  • Use photography as an artform
  • Capture better wildlife images
  • Take outdoor portraits people will love
  • Decided the best lens to use and why
  • Capture photographs that touch people
  • Get outstanding sports action shots
  • Know what type of gear you really need
  • Know when to shoot raw and went to shoot JPEG
  • Master Exposure
  • Get a better understanding of HDR and when to use it
  • Learn to manage and file all those photos that are piling up in your computer
  • Know how to determine which white balance is best
  • Understand shooting modes and which one works best for which situation
  • And much more


As your personal photo coach, I will listen to what your personal photo growth needs are. Through Zoom, we will have one or more one on one, 45-minute sessions about you and your photography with the purpose of making you a better photographer. 

I have 30 years of professional photography experience, working for a newspaper, a magazine and as a freelance photographer. I also have 15 years of experience teaching photography through seminars, workshops, and college classes. I currently work primarily as an architectural photographer, sports photographer and of course, a nature photographer.  I also teach college photography classes and enjoy other types of photography as well. (Click to Get Started Today)

If you have any questions, to avoid spam contact me at pat @ with no spaces.

Four Personal Photo Coaching Packages

You can choose between one of four photo coaching packages.

Watch my short photography tip videos.