God’s Mirror of Glory — 4 Comments

  1. I really like this devotional of mirroring God’s character. I believe the old and the new covenant are the same. The difference is that with the old covenant the people said all that the Lord said we will do. Humans broke and still break the covenant. In the New Covenant God said look and see that in your human strength you cannot keep the covenant I will help you if you let me as I tried to before but your pride said I can do it by myself. The law stays the same as it is God’s character. If we would be like Him we follow the pattern of His character. A pastor once showed us an acronym for the word law. The law is L = Love; A = at; and W = work. This equals ” Love at work” after all God is love. Love includes justice and discipline. To copy God’s character in one’s life we need to keep His commandments as a response to His love for us. It is then not a matter of “works” but of love to Him. Comes as an automatic response.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Jeanette. For any committed believer love is what drives us to serve God and follow His ways/law. I love God (because He first loved me) and so I want do what pleases Him. I fall short, but still I looked to do His will.

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