Humble Yourself Before God and He will — 4 Comments

  1. Greetings Pat. I subscribed to your creations speaks daily devotional about a year ago, and everyday, look forward to seeing what you have posted. I too am a nature photographer and videographer out in Oregon. As you probably know, the Pacific Northwest has no end to natural beauty and variety. I am coming up on my retirement about a year from now and was thinking, like you, of combining my images and video with my deep creation theology and doing some sort of online ministry/devotional to share. Was wondering if you might share with me what web and email tools you are using to manage your site and send out your group emails each day. Mine devotional emails would probably have a one minute video clip embedded in them, and sometimes a still. On my website you can see one example of what I am doing with combining scripture with nature video,✝.html. Thanks for your help and enjoy.

    Kevin Shilts
    Lebanon, Oregon

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