Guide Me in Your Paths — 6 Comments

    • You’re welcome, Jeanette and thanks for following my site. I alwas post in the late evening so people will have it first thing in the morning. I’m glad you read it in the evening. Blessings

  1. I needed this as somewhere along the way I turned away from his guidance, and life lost its you and fulfilment and have been ashamed to ask for guidance back

  2. Reading this message only re-enforces what I want in life. With Him, I can be everything, but without Him I am absolutely nothing and lost. I pray daily for Jesus to hold my hand and walk with me, keeping my thoughts and words kind, loving, caring and soft. I also pray daily that God softens my heart more and more and fills it each morning with just a little bit more love and kindness. Thank you so much for the messages that you send each and every day to help us live a life that God wants us to live and to remember what is at the end of our human life. Praise God for being so good all of the time and praise God for people like you who care.

    • Hi Kathryn. Thanks so much for your note. I enjoyed reading what you wrote. I am glad that God blesses you through these daily posts. Thank you for reading them. And yes, praise God for being so good!

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