God’s Path of Life — 4 Comments

  1. On the same theme, I enjoy taking pictures of natural stairsteps in the trails–roots, boulders, footprints in the sand–and use the verse like the one in Proverbs that says, “Man plans his ways, but God directs his steps.” During difficult times, God often only gives us enough revelation to see ahead just one more step, or just around one more bend in the trail. We have to trust Him for the unseen beyond that.

    Thanks again for your nature photography ministry.

    Kevin Shilts
    Newport, Oregon

  2. Loved this! You do a great job, keep it up. Your emails are a short devotional for me each day as I begin work! Some day when I retire, I hope to get out in God’s creation to capture some of His beauty!


    • Hi Deb. Thanks for your encouraging words! I am blessed to know that God touches you with these devotions. I hope and pray that you get to experience the retirement of your dreams, until then take time to enjoy His creation when you can.

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