Can we find Eden? — 4 Comments

  1. I love the words you use in your descriptions. So evocative!
    I imagine there was no poison ivy or poison oak in Eden, and maybe the mosquito bites didn’t itch?

    Have you ever been to Indian Cave near Schubert, NE? When I think of Eden, that’s what I picture.

    • Thanks Becky! And yep, I didn’t speak about the mosquitoes. But they were there. They didn’t much like my bug repellent, though. And I think that perhaps poison ivy and poison oak were both in the Garden of Eden, only people didn’t have allergic reactions to them back then. So far I have never had either poison oak or poison ivy. Which is quite amazing, since I spent so much of my life outdoors. I think I’m blessed to be one of the less than 20% of the population that doesn’t have an allergic reaction to them. Stinging nettles on the other hand… Ouch! (Note: the second photo is nothing but stinging nettles on the ground.)

      I have been to Indian Cave. If you search my website for Indian Cave, quite a few photos of pop up.

  2. So well stated and photographed. Your words express exactly how I feel when I get out into the greatness of God’s creation. The beauty of creation calls us to the Creator.

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