Fade Away Like a Flower of the Field — 4 Comments

  1. I want to thank you so much for all of the time that you take to post these verses each day and for you wonderful explanations of them. I look forward to them when I get up in the morning and with each one, I can relate my life to what is being said. You have a beautiful way of explaining, in layman’s terms, what each verse means and I can fully understand how it applies to my life. Thank you for your daily encouragement and for spreading God’s Word in a way that touches my soul.

    • Hi Kathryn. Thanks for your kind words. It so good to read that you look forward to getting the posts in the morning and that you find the thoughts and explanations helpful. It’s also encouraging for me to know that you understand and appreciate the time it takes to make each post. Thank you.


  2. This really says it all. People place way to much love of money and material things, and complain when the church asks for tithes, money is nothing without Gods blessing,yet the poorest of the congregation is glad to give there 10% even though it’s not much because in doing so in return God blesses them and gives them peace and helps them get through. Let all we have give Glory to God.

    • Hi Susan. Yes, all we have belongs to God. When He blesses us we are to bless others. May we give God glory, with our time, talent, money and all we have.