Every Sunrise Points to God — 10 Comments

  1. I love sunsets, I had to share this on facebook. I think of God everytime I see a sunrise or sunset. Thank you.

  2. the psalm says

    They who dwell at the ends of the earth stand in awe of Your signs; You make the sunrise and the sunset shout for joy.

    Psalm 65:8

  3. Yes, the first act of God’s divine revelation is creation itself. And the first book of the Bible is a record of that creation! Like the Bible, we can learn a lot about God from Creation.

    • “Like the Bible, we can learn a lot about God from Creation.” I very much agree. Theologians call creation “general revelation”or another revelation of God because it tells us so much about Him.

  4. God is constantly calling to us through the beauty of His creation. He beckons us to come to Him, and sunrises and sunsets are daily reminders of that.

    • I sense is calling in every sunrise And in so much of His creation. When I am drawn to it, God is also drawing me to Himself. It’s peace, beauty, glory and so much more are a reflection of God’s peace, beauty and glory.