The Rocks will Cry Out — 3 Comments

  1. Years ago, my father-in-law who has now passed told me to stop talking about God around him. It made him angry. A year or so later, my own father said the same thing.
    I chose to obey God and I never would shut up. I was like those stones … crying out to everyone who would listen and those who didn’t want to hear.
    My father-in-law died not knowing Christ.
    My father died a new man, born again three months before meeting Jesus … I had the privilege of being used for such a time as that!
    It is important we listen to God’s command to evangelize. He does all the work, we just have to obey.

    • Hi Bebe. Thanks for sharing your stories. Praise God about your dad! Reminds of Romans 10:14 “How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher?”

      My dad also professed Christ in his later days. Prayer, preaching and living.



  2. Both men didn’t know what there were saying at all, and possibly it’s were your saddest momentum discomfortmentum feeling to hear they’re saying negative words, made you weren’t happiest: now their probably last their soul, which wouldn’t be good for both of them, and thsi’ why we must be/careful what we say and how we said whatsoever word we’ve expressed to anyone, cause some people can’t handle the Struthfulness.

    The Kingdom of the most highest bless!..

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