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If you like nature and the outdoors you’ll love this short devotional book on encounter God in His creation.

This free edition contains ten devotions based on Bible passages that praise and/or proclaim God as Creator or show God interacting with His creation. Through this book you will grow closer to God by gaining a better understanding of His role as Creator, Provider, Protector and Deliverer. You will also see how nature worships God and how nature calls us to worship God.

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For th Beyond Genesis devotional, I compiled forty verses or passages of Scripture (ten in this preview edition) that use nature in some way to point us to God. 

Most Christians know what the Bible says about creation in the book of Genesis. But the Bible actually says a whole lot more about creation and it’s connection to God beyond the pages of Genesis. What the Bible tells us about nature or how it uses creation as metaphors, reveals what nature declares to us about God.

  • To reveal God’s glory, splendor, and majesty
  • To speak of His greatness, power, and other characteristics
  • As metaphors to describe what God is like
  • To explain how He is our refuge and our salvation
  • As illustrations to show how God provides for us
  • To tell us how great of a Creator our God is


I found the work of scaling down the hundreds of verses outside of Genesis that mention creation down to forty a bit challenging but insightful. The Bible uses nature to tell us many things about God.

The verses and passages are divided into four topics. The four topics are as follows:

  • God’s Greatness, Power and Other Revealed Attributes
  • Praise and Worship to Our Glorious Majestic God
  • Our Protector, Refuge, Deliver, and Salvation
  • Our Great Creator and Provider

I asked the readers of my online devotional, the Visual Bible Verse of the Day, what they desired to see in a devotional book. They said they wanted the devotions to dig into God’s Word, to be personal, and to contain a prayer. In response to my readers’ request, each entry will contain four short sections, plus a prayer: “In the Word,” “In Context,” In Nature,” “In Us,” and “In Prayer.”

May God bless you and speak to your heart as you read and dwell on this devotional.