Does the Bible Teach that Animals have Souls — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve not done any study on it, but is it possible animals are simply resurrected or recreated and the concept of a soul only applies to humans where either eternal rewards or punishment are concerned?

    • I have read about animals having souls before reading the book mentioned the article. It seems most classic theologians agree that they do. The debate is whether the soul is eternal. Here is what the author had to say to some people who commented on my Facebook page

      “The Bible clearly states that animals do have souls–and I dedicate a chapter demonstrating it. Almost all theologians agree animals have souls. If so, there is no reason not believe they will join us in heaven. Although there is much more evidence than having souls to support that claim, certainly possessing a soul is most important for immortality.”

      “The Bible clearly teaches that animals have souls. J. P Moreland, one of evangelicals foremost scholars, recently wrote a book ( THE SOUL) and plainly states that animals have souls. Most theologians throughout history agree.”

      “Actually the Hebrew word for spirit (ruach) is used for animals (e.g. Gen. 7:22; Ps 104:29; Eccl. 3:19). However, for animals the word is essentially used the same as soul (nephesh). So animals do not have a “spirit” in the sense of humans; the spirit being our personal connectedness with God, which only humans have by virtue of being created in God’s image. Animals do not have this. But this is a separate issue from the immortality of their souls – nor their resurrection into Heaven a part of Jesus’s redemption of all creation (Rom. 8: 19-23).

  2. I have not done a study on this either. But I have always believed our pets will be reunited with us in Heaven.
    I have heard some religious leaders comment that they also believe our pets will be in Heaven. They are God’s creation. I hope I will see all my precious pets again someday.
    Thank you for writing your commentary

    • Hi Jill, Thanks for your comments. I’m with you and hope that we will see our pets in heaven again. In the book mentioned, the author makes a very strong case that they will be in heaven with us.