Psalm 104:2-3 and a Sunset, Mahoney State Park, Nebraska.A red and blue sunset sky with clouds, Mahoney State Park, Nebraska and Bible verse Psalm 104:2-3. "The Lord wraps light

“The Lord wraps Himself in light as with a garment; He stretches out the heavens like a tent and lays the beams of His upper chambers on their waters. He makes the clouds His chariot and rides on the wings of the wind.” Psalm 104:2-3.

He Wraps Light

One of the most poetic views of God in all of scripture. “The Lord wraps Himself in light”. It’s very beautiful. Beauty belongs to God, yet this does not represent a physical look at God. It’s a look at His character. God’s character is beautiful, glorious and radiant. Each sunset stands as a reminder to us that proclaims God’s glory and His beauty.

Read about God’s glory in creation by reading all of Psalm 104.

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God Wraps Light Around Himself — 9 Comments

  1. He also gives His light to us through his word. Thankful for Hus written word.

  2. What a beautiful sunny day in central hemisphere in central Pennysylvania. Thank you for sharing this photo. God bless.

  3. To read that Scripture as I gazed at the beautiful photograph gave me such a wonderful visual of our Awesome God. Thank you, Pat!

  4. I learnt today I have to be humble before God not something I have really been in all my 42yrs as a Christian and a believer in God
    When trials come I hve to come before God and seek his face not use the blame game as I hve often done

    • Hi Andrew. Thanks for sharing how God is working your life. Humility before God is so important to grow our relationship with Him.