Psalm 147:16b, 17 and Trees Covered with Frost and Snow, Bellevue, Nebraska.Trees covered and decorated with hoarfrost and snow in Aspen Park, Bellevue, Nebraska and Psalm 147 God's Scatter frost like ashes

“He scatters the frost like ashes. He casts forth His ice as fragments; Who can stand before His cold?” Psalm147:16b, 17.

Frost Like Ashes

Although it was probably not originally part of God’s plan, God is the giver of winter. Winter, snow, ice and frost serve His purposes for the planet. Even in the deepest and coldest parts of winter His beauty still remains. We can see the purity of His beauty in the frost and snow scattered like ashes. 

Read all of Psalm 147, a psalm about the greatness of God.

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