What can snow tell us about the pure beauty of God?
snow and frost covered trees and cornfield.

Snow gets its beauty from it’s beauty. What Can snow tells about true purity and beauty?

           Outside my window the new fallen snow settles on the ground. It covers the lawn and everything else with its pure beauty. On other the side of my office door the sounds of bubbling children erupt. This morning’s snowfall kept them home from school today. Their hearts overflowed with excitement to this interruption of their routine. Later, my life will be interrupted when I have to go out and shovel the driveway.

            Snow interrupts our lives. It changes the way we run through our everyday living. While some people—especially children—love it, many despise it. But oddly enough, even those who dislike snow see some attraction in its unequaled beauty.

                            Irresistible Purity

          People who read this Christian blog post but do not like snow, will still find themselves attracted to the photos on this page. Why? Because the pure beauty of snow calls to us and tells us something about true beauty. Like so many things in the natural world, it tells of something greater. Snow tells of a rich clean beauty we do not discover within ourselves. And in our hearts we crave that unreachable purity and long for it to be our own.

            Snow gets its beauty from purity. We find ourselves hard pressed to think of anything else on earth that looks more immaculate than snow. True beauty is a pure beauty. The beauty that comes from God is pure and holy. It is not defiled. Snow in its new fallen pure white state is a representation of that beauty. But the culture and media of today tells us that beauty is something less than pure.

Worldly Beauty Vs. God’s Beauty

Snow covered path in Fontenelle Forest, Nebraska shows pure beauty

The pure beauty of snow calls to us because it tells something of God’s pure beauty, which is true beauty.

           The world today sexualizes beauty and says that we cannot be beautiful without a short skirt, low cut blouse, big muscles or a bikini. These are merely a perversion of beauty that show a worship of culture over God and a bondage to the world rather than freedom in Christ. Sadly, this perversion of beauty affects the minds of many in The Church. True beauty is far greater than what the world calls beautiful.

           Snow tells us that beauty in its purist form is simple and subtle. Many other things in the natural world, such as flowers speak that same massage. And that message is the exact opposite of what the world says about beauty.

Snow covered bridge and trees in Seymour Smith Park in Omaha

True beauty is not revealed in immodest clothing, but true beauty is pure like the beauty of snow. The world needs people who desire to reveal God’s true beauty.

            Real beauty comes from God and is a reflection of Him. We find no greater beauty in a person than that of a godly beauty that comes from within. Yes, we can find beauty in a face or form, but the deeper beauty lies within and shines forth in a godly life. The world today needs people who will let God’s pure beauty emanate from their lives. So then, “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven (Matthew 5:16).”

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