Psalm 68:16 and A Mighty Mountain Peak, Glacier National Park, Montana.Sun clouds and snow on a mighty mountain peak Glacier National Park Montana and Bible Verse Psalm 68 16 on god's abode

“Why do you look with envy, O mountains with many peaks, at the mountain which God has desired for His abode? Surely the LORD will dwell there forever.” Psalm 68:16

God’s Abode:  A Place Filled with Awe and Wonder.

People have always looked at mountains with awe and wonder. Because of this the Bible uses mountains to tell us things about God. In Psalm 68, a psalm about the sanctuary of God, it metaphorically and poetically states that the mountains look like God’s abode–the place where God lives. Surely, the place where God lives is a place of awe and wonder, just like mountains. 

Read of Psalm 68, a psalm about the greatness of God!

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