We need to have the right focus to cross a log bridge in the wilderness and we need to have an eternal focus in our walk with God.

A log bridge crosses a small stream in Colorado. Log bridges are common in the wilderness.

A log bridge in the Colorado wilderness. Log bridges are common in the wilderness.

      Hard times come in life. The truth of life gives us no reason to doubt that statement. Unfortunately, as human beings we tend to look at the situation that surrounds us. We turn our heads down and look at our feet to help us stabilize ourselves in a difficult situation. We often fail to see the other side and sometimes it keeps us from getting there.

     When hiking on trails in the wilderness one eventually comes to a water crossing.  An old log will often be placed across the water as a makeshift bridge.

      Most people tend to turn their heads down to watch their feet as they cross the bridge in trepidation.  To focus on where one is on the log does not help one get across. Any seasoned wilderness hiker knows the best way to cross log bridges on a trail is to focus on a point on the other side at the end of the log.

0307 RMP 05-06-1

A comfortable bridge in Rocky Mountain National Park.

     There are plenty of bridges built by the Park Service on trails in our national parks, but in the true wilderness bridges are scarce. Bridges can be scarce in the wilderness of our life. Too often we have to cross logs. If we keep our eyes focused on a point at the end of the struggle instead of on our current situation, we have a better chance of crossing.

      As Christian hiker I have learned if we focus on Christ, the cross and eternity our journey across any of life’s logs will be easier.  Just like a journey in the natural wilderness can lead us to great beauty, our journey across the logs of life will lead us to the reward on the other side and eventually to the beauty of heaven.

Colorado Wilderness I

This view was part of my reward after crossing the log bridges in the photos above.

Colorado scans-2

A Christian hiker God has rewarded me with many scenic views. This view was part of my reward after crossing the log bridges in the photos above.

     God’s Word says “For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4:17, 18. The Bible is clear, it’s best to focus on Christ and eternity in our Christian walk with God

     This is the first of many Christian nature blog posts I have written. You check the rest of my Christian nature blog posts here.

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Blog: Log Bridges of Life — 10 Comments

    • Marcy, I thank for your comments. Since they all basically ask the same question I won’t post all of them, unless you want me to.

      The basic massage is don’t focus on your situation, but focus on Christ and the plans He has for you”. When we focus on our current situation it disheartens and can cause us stumble in our walk with Christ. That same truth goes for most aspects of life. When we have problems we cannot focus on the problems, but the solutions. Focusing on problems and the trouble of our curtain situation only leads to depression and inaction. Focus on Christ and the solution.

    • Thanks Doug! I need to take my own advice right now. I have been having lots of web issues the last three weeks. It started with my layout be corrupted 3 different times. That problem has been solved, but this week I have been off line a couple times. That root cause is unknown. I am a one man show with little technical skill, so it has really been a drain on my time, energy and emotions. I need to keep focus.

  1. Have faith and trust in Him and His goodness and kindness will follow you.

  2. God bless you and your ministry. Keep your focus on what’s ahead of you ☺️. I pray God sends some techie into your life who will donate his time and efforts to permanently fixing your web issues!

  3. Yes, keeping our eyes on Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith is the only way to get there. My husband and I are planning a move from NY to FL for a job transfer which is good that he has job security, but it’s a bit overwhelming to think of all the details and logistics. Thank God He has everything all figured out. Guess we can just rest in the love of our father who is a good, good father. Your photos and stories are a blessing!

    • Amen Kay. That is a big move, but God does have it all figured out. Trusting and resting in Him is the only way to go!