Getting My Honey Buzz

Honey bee on yellow golden rod bloosoms

A bee gathers nectar and pollen from golden rod blossoms. Bees use nectar and pollen to make honey.

      Many health experts say that green tea is good for us. Ok, sounds great, but I cannot drink it straight. The tea needs a touch of something sweet. Keeping the idea of health in mind, a teaspoon of raw honey in it instead of processed sugar seems to do the trick. But after this golden sugar goes into the tea, I’m not always ready to put the bottle away. I often tilt the bottle above my head and squeeze it so that a sweet river cascades into my mouth. It tingles as it strikes my tongue, and I get a bit of a honey buzz. There is nothing quite like it!

The Honey of God

      This practice makes Psalm 119:103 come alive when it says, “How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” That is an amazing thing to say. The writer of Psalm 119 most likely knew what it’s like to have pure honey on his tongue, and to say that God’s Word is sweeter is a bold statement—especially in a psalm about keeping God’s laws. Yes, His laws are sweeter than honey. The restraints and boundaries God places on our lives that so many take issue with are indeed “sweet” to the man or woman who runs hard after God.

A half full bottle of raw honey

The Bible says that God’s laws are sweeter than honey. Some find it hard to believe that parameters on our lives are to be considered sweet.

      Now most people (including many Christians) do not consider God’s parameters (or anyone else’s) on their life as being sweet. But when we truly know God and cling to His ways, a sweet peace settles in our hearts. When we follow God’s ways, we experience the sweetness that comes with following Him. Despite what the world and the temptations around us say, following God’s rules is the best way to attain joy and fulfillment. Joy does not come from drunkenness, free sex, greed, or getting our own way. It comes from living under God’s authority. This really is true. With God’s grace I try my best to live life this way. Although my life may not be one of worldly success, I have a peace in my heart. I have found the sweetness of God.

The Little Things of God

      PS. I found it amazing that God uses a tiny insect to produce something so sweet. So many simple things in creation, like bees, we often over look or even consider a pest, but God created bees with a couple of incredible missions. They produce honey, one of the best known sweeteners, and they pollinate food crops that feed the world. We cannot over look the seemly simple things that God has done. He has a plan for everything!

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Blog: Honey Buzz — 2 Comments

  1. Tell this to the people that has no way to get a decent meal or nothing to eat. Go to the pour places of the world and you will see that your God does not care for the needs of people that you say He created. Go to third world countries and try to put your sweet honey on your thong; go and check if the laws of your God are going to change the conditions of the people daying from starvation; and then ask them if they want to join your God, the God that just forsake them in the first place.

    • Thanks Jose. God calls you and me and those who have to give our time, energy and or money to help the poor. Perhaps He has put these people on your heart because He is calling you to go there?