What can blueberries tell us about God?

          Do you like blueberries? Most people I know like blueberries. They are really sweet and they’re good for us. But did you know blueberries tell us something about God?

General Revelation

           God specifically designed blueberries and nature as a whole to tell us things about Himself? Theologians call this general revelation as opposed to special revelation (the Bible). Most ministries that focus on general revelation look at science. They teach that through science we can see that the world has a design and that design points to God. But most of us are not scientists, and yet God can and still does reveal Himself to us through what He has made. We just need things like blueberries.

           What do blueberries tell me about God? They tell me God is good and provides us with food—not just food to sustain us, but food that taste good. Therefore, I know God is also a God of pleasure who has given us things to enjoy. He didn’t need to make blueberries taste good, but He did!

Knowing God


Blueberry blossoms in late spring.

           See, general revelation isn’t about science; it’s about encountering and knowing God through the world around us. This is something each one of us can do and need to do. The more we spend time outside in God’s creation the more we will encounter Him in it. Encountering God through creation is what my ministry, The Creation Speaks, is all about.

            When a Christian geologist looks at giant boulders or mountains he can tell us about how God formed the world. When I look at a mountain or large rock formation I can think of how Psalm 18 calls God a rock. That same rock the geologist looks at now tells me of God’s strength and stability and that He is someone I can run to for shelter.

Giver of Good Things


A squirrel on our back deck hungry for the many acorns God provides through our oak tree.

           Soon the oak tree in my backyard will be filled with countless acorns. Jubilant squirrels from far and wide will come to indulge in the tree’s bounty. What does this tell me about God? It tells me that He is a God of provision, abundance and joy.

            If God gives such things to squirrels how much greater things does He give to us? Life on earth offers many things to enjoy, but there is also much suffering (His creation can also tell us about that too). In the next life God has only good things planned for those who believe in and follow after Him. Lets marvel at His creation today and wonder with amazement what the next life will be like!

The leaves of the blueberry bush are bright red in fall.

            You can learn more about general revelation and special revelation by clicking the links. Here is an article on both


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  1. hi…Goood day in christ…… I would greatly appreciate it if u could Please email me a copy of this… Thanks

  2. It’s always good to know that God careth about his creation..I so much like this article,keep sharing something like this..am a lady evangelist from Nigeria…May the Lord enlarge your ministry in Jesus Mighty Name Amen…

    • That is awesome that you are an evangelist. May God use you in great ways!

      I’m glad you find this site to be a blessing. God is good!

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  4. We have a Very Generous Heavenly Father To Give Us Many Beautiful Thing To See n Enjoy If We Just Take Time n Look ! Our Heavenly Father Loves His Children Very Much . Thank You For Your Post i Really Liked It .

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