My upcoming week looked pretty packed with a creation conference fast approaching, but this was Sunday. I relax on Sunday. With the beautiful fall weather, I decided to relax by taking our dog Montana for a walk. Together went out to enjoy God’s creation.

My Dog Montana walking amongst the leaves beneath the golden yellow fall cotton woods.

Our Dog Montana walking amongst the leaves and cotton woods.

            The late afternoon sun hung low in the October sky as we entered the neighborhood park. It struck the cottonwoods at the perfect angle. They glowed a brilliant yellow. The quality of light was a reminiscent of Rivendell, the city of elves in the trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

            I so enjoyed the walk beneath the cottonwoods that I returned the next day. For I knew after my conference the leaves would be gone.

            While walking, I began to ask God a series of questions. “Lord,” I prayed, “Why did you make it so beautiful?”  “Why did you make it so fleeting?” “Why doesn’t it last?” Finally, when we walked away, I looked back and thought, I don’t want to leave. I wanted to take it with me. I asked God, “Why do I want to take it with me?”

            God answered my questions. “Why is it so beautiful?” Because He made it a small reflection of His own glory and beauty to reveal a bit of Himself to us.

            “Why is it so fleeting?” “Why doesn’t it last?” Because there is no beauty or good on this earth that we could hold onto. Everything fades away quickly. Fall leaves represent the epitome of this.

Golden fall leaves

Golden fall leaves

           Finally, “Why did I want to take it with me? Why?” Because I long for the everlasting beauty and glory of God. That is what we truly desire. We long for Him and our eternal home in heaven whether we choose to recognize that fact or not.

            We can’t hold on to anything good or beautiful here on earth. It will all pass away. The beauty of this creation cannot possibly meet our desire for beauty. That is why we always find ourselves wanting more. Only God can fulfill our desire for beauty.

            If you recognize that you long for a beauty that this world cannot supply, follow after God. Repent, follow Him and He will give you an eternal home immersed in everlasting beauty.

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